Initiatives for a sustainable and diverse KUNSTFEST


“Every tree is a work of art […] art and protecting the environment go hand in hand,” says Sören Brüntgens, founder of PLANT-MY-TREE®, an initiative that undertakes reforestation projects across Germany for carbon offsetting purposes. KUNSTFEST WEIMAR and PLANTMY-TREE® have come up with a special plan to enable you to reduce your carbon footprint, and that of the KUNSTFEST, when you visit us. When purchasing a ticket, you will be given the option to pay an additional amount of 1 € on top of the cost of your theatre trip, which will be used to help with reforestation in Thuringia’s woodlands. You can also head to the festival pavilion to sponsor a tree in the reforestation area of the Thuringian Forest, which PLANT-MY-TREE® has created especially for KUNSTFEST WEIMAR. PLANT-MY-TREE®’s philosophy is not to support monocultures, but rather to promote mixed woodland biodiversity, which will be preserved and protected from being used for economic purposes thanks to a charity, set up by PLANT-MY-TREE®, with a project duration of at least 99 years. Over the generations, this will create a natural habitat for insects, plants and animals. Every tree counts — help us create a sustainable KUNSTFEST. #nachhaltigeskunstfest

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We are delighted to receive funding as part of TikTok Germany’s #CreatorsForDiversity, supported by betterplacelab gGmbH. Our funded #KunstfestNachhaltigVielfältig project looks into the following questions: How
inclusive and diverse is KUNSTFEST? What areas can we improve on? We want to use this to make the festival more inclusive and diverse in the long term. There are two topics that are particularly important to us, and we cover them in some videos on our TikTok account:

In order to make our festival more inclusive, we are planning on holding consultations with disabled people who will share their experiences and perspectives with us. We will also bring in an expert to supervise KUNSTFEST 2021 and act as an advisor in the run-up to and during the festival.

In our Generating Gathering training format, we will invite five creative people from Thuringia with a refugee background to gain new experiences and skills in the fields of education, art communication and theatre pedagogy, to exchange experiences, to network, and to develop and try out their own workshops and teaching formats for the KUNSTFEST.

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